At Vulcor Insulation we have a passion for technical insulation solutions

We provide insulation solutions to the most challenging applications. Clever pipe insulation solutions for installations running at cryogenic temperatures, fireproofing concepts with phenolic foam core products and on of the most comprehensive range of high temperature fiber solutions in the heavy industry and power plants.

- Founded on a strong ambition to become the leading party the technical insulation market.
- Based on the principles of best quality, every day.
- Knowledge rooted over years of experience in high temperature industry.

And with every project we are proud to know that the carefully selected, engineered, manufactured and provided solution will perform to expectations, minimize energy consumption and generates financial savings whilst securing a stable environment for production and comfort today and for the future. – that’s our passion

Rooted in the Netherlands

Vulcor Insulation most fundamental roots are originated from Trencon Vuurvast (Trencon Refractory) which was founded by John Lekkerkerk. In 1982 he founded his trading company for high temperature insulation products from a small home office in the little town of Oude Tonge in the Netherlands.

Even though the company Trencon Vuurvast was merged into the cooperate structure of one of the leading parties in high temperature insulation product, the family name of Lekkerkerk maintained heavily involved in the refractory industry.

In 2018 Bennie Lekkerkerk grew independent from the cooperate structure and first got involved in Teqtix Group in Oosterhout, the Netherlands, which manufacture phenolic foam insulation for low temperature applications and fire protection.

But soon after, and together with an large group of ex colleagues, he got involved in an ambitious project to set up one of the largest high temperature fiber factories of the world. With the knowhow of the team the ambition was soon set; we want to make the best insulation fiber products in the world, no compromise on quality and performance. This was the start of Vulcor Insulation.

Today, we have an extensive team of highly experienced people and supply projects around the globe. We team up with partner companies which are offering our products in North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. This allows us to offer you global service with local attention.

Nevertheless, the heart and soul of the company is still rooted in the Netherlands.

Passion for innovation

Our world has changed in the past few decades with reduced CO2 emissions and energy consumption as the key drivers. Even though energy consumption in heavy industry is inevitable, we believe that our ambition should be providing better thermal efficient and more sustainable refractory linings. This will not only help our customers to save their energy consumption, but in effect reduce their global carbon footprint.

The ULS technology is a clear example of how we want to accomplish this ambition, but clearly it is not our only ‘one-trick-pony’. Since our start we have been tailoring our products to meet the highest standard and customer specific requirements in special atmospheres or in case of higher levels of polutions which might affect the lifetime expectation of the refractory lining.

Underneath you can read more on some of our featured innovations:

With our Firephen phenolic core products are are able to provide low weight fire safe solutions for 30 to 60 minutes fire resistance. Summarized the Firephen provides:

- Very strong fire resistence – up till 60 minutes as a core material in doors and panels
- Good fire behavior – nearly incombustible with B-s1,d0 according EN 13501-1
- Very low smoke emission – allowing a good visual path to the emergency exits.

Ultra Low Shot Technology

As asset owner your main interest is a long lifetime of your refractory lining. At Vulcor Insulation we are providing much more than that… Better thermal insulation means lower CO2 emissions, lower gas consumption and safer casing temperatures. And this is thanks to the Ultra Low Shot (ULS) technology which the basis of every fiber solution we are providing to the market.

The birth of our SoliBoard PCW INO board

After a development process of more than 6 months we are delighted to introduce our latest addition to our SoliBoard product family; the SoliBoard PCW INO board.The SoliBoard PCW INO is adding a new product to the top end of temperature offering @1600°C/ 2900°F classification temperature. Using a mixture of special inorganic binders we have been able to minimize off gassing and LOI at first firing.Furthermore, it neither sees the typical loss of strength which is common for organic binder based boards. Testing both internally and at external laboratory is confirming what we hoped for: less then 1% shrinkage when tested for 24 hours @ 1600°C.The best of all is that we can run this product on our continuous board productionline making is both competitive technically and commercially. A warm welcome to the SoliBoard PCW INO to the SoliWool fiber family…

A passion for technical insulation solutions

Vulcor Insulation has it headoffice located in the Netherlands, but has local representation throughout Europe and in the North American market. Even though we have a strong focus on the high temperature fiber industry, through its involvement in the manufacturing of these products, we also have strong partnerships for phenolic foam (cryogenic temperatures and fireprotection) and e-glass products (intermediate temperatures and automotive).

If you see the factory were we manufacture our SoliWool fiber solutions, it is hard to imagine that back in 2017 it just was a ‘Greenfield’ plan. Today our state of the art factory spans 75.000 m2 (800.000ft2) and manufactures the lastest quality and most advanced high temperature fibers available in the world.

The SoliWool productrange consists of engineered bulk fiber, Ultra Low Shot technology blankets, dust free and smooth papers, flexible felts, high tech manufacturered board products, tailored to shape vacuum formed shapes and one of the widest ranges of fiber modules.

We are one of an exclusive group of suppliers which have completed their REACH registration and for that reason comply with the European regulations for import of high temperature fibers. Our low bio persistence fibers (LBP) meet the requirements specified under NOTE Q of European Regulation 1272/2008 and have been fully tested by Fraunhofer.

All the SoliWool are manufactured with our Generation III, Ultra Low Shot technology. The SoliWool is outperforming conventional refractory ceramic fibers (RCF) and low bio persistence fibers (LBP) on both thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and handling properties. Next to our range of RCF and LBP fibers we also manufacture our own developed Poly Crystalline Wool (PCW) boards and papers.

Good examples of our state of the art manufacturing location are the continuous board and paper line production lines. By an advanced drying system we have been reducing the energy usage for drying with more than 50%, and generate a part of this energy with our 35.000 m2 (400.000 ft2) solar panels.

That is not just ambitious, but revolutionary…

The product portofolio in the high temperature industry is complimented with a selected range of e-glass and silica fiber products which are manufactured to operate in a temperature range of 250°C to 900°C. The main application is for automotive heat shields where the fiber is encapsulated with a stainless steel tailored pre-shaped liner. However, also for other applications like domestic boilers and as insulation for intermediate temperatures we are able to offer a complete and competitive product offering.

Last but not least is our phenolic foam product range which has been developed together with Teqtix Group and manufactured in the Netherlands. Available in a wide range of densities and serving a wide range of markets; from general pipe insulation, where the product is used in a temperature range of -180°C to + 120°C, to core material in fire doors, where the product can be short term (< 60 minutes) exposed to temperature over 1100°C. Our ambition is not only to offer a product range which can be labelled ‘me-too’, but refreshing, more sustainable and clearly better then what our industry has been provided with over the last few decades. So far, we have exceeded our ambitions and will continue to do so in the many years to come.