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    Our Rhinophen product range consists of closed cell phenolic foam blocks, focusing on achieving the highest possible thermal insulation value at minimum thickness. We offer this product range in a wide range of densities and specifications. Whilst the main application is targeted the conversion for pipe insulation, we target the fire protection applications. Rhinophen is manufactured in the Netherlands and is fine-tuned utilizing decades of experience in the production of phenolic foam.

    Rhinophen is manufactured as a block type insulation with a typical size of 2500x1000x800 mm (100x40x32 inch) and is available in densities ranging from 40 kg/m3 to 160 kg/m3 (2.5 to 10 PCF). Where Rhinophen 40 kg/m3(2.5 PCF) material excels in thermal insulation value, high density material is delivers the highest mechanical strength. In comparison to traditional insulation materials the insulation thickness can be  reduced and/or energy savings realized.  Reduced insulation thickness can provide the opportunity to optimize insulation even in confined spaces.

    The high thermal efficiency is achieved by the fine pore size and closed cell structure. As a result Rhinophen is one of the most thermally efficient insulation materials. It retains its thermal performance under the most severe operating conditions by virtue of its closed cell structure and minimum moisture absorption.

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