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    SoliBulk HP-Grade

    Vulcor is proud to present the SoliBulk HP-grade Fiber which are manufactured utilizing the same Ultra Low Shot technology utilized throughout our fiber product range. Ultra Low Shot technology is at the cutting edge of fiber production, achieving the highest possible thermal insulation value and handling strength.

    SoliBulk HP-grade is our high purity version of our refractory ceramic fiber (RCF)1260 bulk fiber in the SoliBulk product range. The SoliBulk HP-grade has a classification temperature of 1260°C and is engineered to perform in a wide range of applications up till 1150°C. In bulk fiber products the ULS technology is differentiating from other RCF fiber products with a higher yield in secondary processing, like Vacuum Forming.

    We offer SoliBulk in various fiber lengths which are defined at production. Short fibers are typically used in Vacuum Forming processes where longer style fibers are generally being used for filling voids and joints in furnaces. The SoliBulk is also commonly used as dry infill in double walled chimneys. The high fiber index results in lower filling weights and better thermal insulation.

    SoliBulk HP-grade is part of the SoliBulk product range. The full SoliBulk product range consists of three grades of RCF Bulk and one grade in low bio persistence fiber (AES).

  • SoliBulk HP-Grade

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