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    SoliBlanket CR-Grade

    SoliBlanket™ CR-Grade

    SoliBlanket CR-grade is one of our Special Grade RCF products and provides the highest classification and continuous use temperature of all melt/spun fibers using Chromium Oxide and  further microcrystalline processing during production. The SoliBlanket CR-grade has a classification temperature of 1480°C and is engineered to perform continuously in a wide range of applications up till 1350°C continuously.

    SoliBlanket CR-grade is one of our most durable products and is unaffected by most chemicals and can be used in the most severe operating condition. It is most of the time the working solution for applications in the production of special grades stainless steel, where normal RCF fiber is not giving the expected life time expectation.

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  • SoliBlanket CR-Grade

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