Introducing SoliBloc™ PRO modules, a breakthrough in high-temperature fiber technology.

With a classification temperature of 1500°C and continuous operation up to 1370°C, it surpasses all other RCF module products. Engineered for durability, they withstand high gas velocities without fiber erosion. SoliBlocTM PRO bridges the gap between 1430°C RCF-Zr modules and higher-rated, but also much more expensive, PCW alternatives. Based on Generation III SoliWool ZR fiber, they excel in challenging applications.

But SoliBloc™ PRO modules are much more than that. As a result of the very high density @ 280 kg/m3 these modules are extremely durable and are designed to withstand high gas velocities without fiber erosion. This makes the SoliBloc™ PRO ideal in applications close to burners.

SoliBloc™ PRO modules is another unique development of the combined Vulcor/Soli Research and Development team and will become part of the SoliBloc™ product family. Actually, with a classification temperatur of classification temperature of 1500°C, it will be the highest positioned product in this family.

We are extremely proud to (again) be the first to bring you the best solutions utilizing fiber technology.

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