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About us

Let us introduce ourselves

Vulcor Insulation is bringing you the latest generation high temperature fiber products.

If you were to see the factory where we manufacture our SoliWool™ fiber solutions, it is hard to imagine that back in 2017 it was just a ‘Greenfield’ plan. Today our state of the art factory spans 75.000 m2 (800.000 ft2) and manufactures the most advanced high temperature fibers products.

The SoliWool™ product range consists of engineered bulk fiber, Ultra Low Shot technology blankets, dust free and smooth papers, flexible felts, high tech manufactured board products, tailored to shape vacuum formed shapes and one of the widest ranges of fiber modules.

All the SoliWool™ are manufactured with our Generation III, Ultra Low Shot technology. SoliWool™ is outperforming conventional refractory ceramic fibers (RCF) and low bio persistence fibers (LBP) on thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and handling.

Rhinophen Phenolic Foam

Combining light weight, high strength, fire safe  and the highest possible thermal insulation value at minimum thickness. Our Rhinophen phenolic foam products are used a thermal insulation of pipes, vessels and tanks operating at continuous low temperatures and used as core material in fire proofing doors and separation walls in the construction industry.

Fibrax E-glass and Silica felts



An extensive product range of woven and non-woven E-glass and Silica fiber products for technical and industrial applications in the temperature range between 250°C and 900°C (500-1650°F). The products provide high strength and are easy to use. Remaining their flexibility and resiliency even after extended times at elevated temperatures.

SoliWool high temperature



The SoliWool product range is one of the most extensive fiber ranges targeted to provide the best possible thermal insulation solution for use in the refractory market. We offer 5 main Refractory Ceramic Fiber compositions, 2 types of Low Bio Persistence Fibers and a range of converted products based on Poly Crystalline Wool up to 1700°C  (3100°F).

Armadillo fire protection



Targeted for fire protection applications in construction, transportation, offshore and onshore. The Armadillo range consists of intumescent paper products, mastics, glues and glass-cloth or aluminium faced insulating fiber blankets. All Armadillo products are using our Generation III SoliWool fibers.

Best Thermal Insulation

ULS technology you have the option to optimize your lining thickness, but we challenge you to reduce your energy consumption as well as you CO2 emission.

Independently tested, the SoliBlanket ULS-grade outperforms the ‘best in class’ Generation I and Generation II fiber products with up to 30% improvement on thermal conductivity.


Toughest Tensile Strength

High temperature fiber blankets are ‘needled’ to convert from a fleece to a blanket. During the needling process, interlocking for the fibers in the fiberstructure is achieved. High fiber index and advanced needling technology are crucial to achieve the toughest tensile strength.

With typically 30% higher tensile strength compared to Generation II and 70% higher tensile strength compared to Generation I fiber, our fiber is delivering the highest strength of all tested fiber products.

Superior Handling

Superior Handling is perhaps our most import feature resulting from the Ultra Low Shot technology, but the least easy to quantify in numbers. Because; How do you define less fiber dust when working over head installing the product in the roof of a furnace??

Rest assured that your installation team installing the blankets can tell you the difference.

It is as easy as 1-2-3…

Vulcor Insulation is innovating the market

We might have introduced ourselves as the New Kid in town, but our team has been in the industry for many years. We have been making industrial insulation solutions for many years, but why having thoughts on how to make good products even better and not acting? This has been the main reason to start our journey.

Now we are offering a full product range of high temperature insulation products, and the stars of our range are the SoliWool products. To explain how innovative these products are, we would like to introduce you to this little timeline for high temperature fiber products.

The beginning

The rise of RCF fibers

In the 1960s Refractory Ceramic Fiber products were commonly accepted in the market as alternative to other types of fiber for high temperature applications.

Generation one

The first low bio persistence fibers

By 1989, so more than 30 years ago, the first low bio persistence fibers, or Alkaline Earth Silicate fibers were introduced to the market. All these products were manufactured in Generation I technology.

Generation two

Low Shot Blankets

In 2006 the first large manufacturer introduced a ‘low shot’ or Generation II fiber product. This product was offering better handling and thermal insulating properties, compared to the inferior Generation I fiber products which, EVEN TODAY, are offered in the market.

Generation three

ULS technology is born

And today, more than 30 years after the introduction of the Generation I low bio persistence fibers, we launch our Generation III, Ultra Low Shot technology, products. Our products are offering the best thermal insulation, highest strength and superior handling The ULS technology is not limited to Low Bio persistence fiber only…