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The higher the fiber index the better the high temperature fiber will perform. Key factors to improve the fiber index are minimizing the shot content and optimizing fiber diameter. Vulcor ULS technology combines these key factors and as a result delivers you the best thermal insulation properties in high temperature fiber products. You can optimize your lining thickness or reduce your energy consumption as well as your CO2 emissions. Go Green!


The superior fiber index and needling technique give the ULS technology fiber products a higher mechanical strength. Higher mechanical strength results in product that can withstand higher gas velocities. In case the product is used as a seal it will ensure the joint is closed, or in case of module making it withstands higher compression, and still maintains its resiliency.


When you are installing fiber material it can be pretty annoying working with products that disintegrate and give off lots of dust. These are common cases of poor needling of fiber blankets. The interlocking of the fibers from needling is highly increased by the fiber index as a result of the ULS technology. A smooth surface of the fiber blanket reduces the skin irritation, and makes working with fibers easy as 1-2-3…


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Vulcor Insulation is bringing you the latest generation high temperature fiber products. Ultra low shot, Generation III, fiber products which are delivering better thermal insulation values, higher strength and better handling. Everything tested, verified and correctly certified to make sure your getting the best performance products and as result; customer satisfaction. And yes, we are talking here about high temperature fiber insulation.

Our journey started only a few years ago when we met up with a group of approximately 50 ex colleagues which all had worked at one of the largest manufacturers of high temperature fiber insulation. We had our thoughts how to make these good products even better, and so we did.

Vulcor Insulation has been supporting its partner from the early start in 2017 and combined all our expertise and knowhow to accomplish commisioning of the most advanced high temperature fiber plants worldwide in 2018.

We built one of the most advanced high temperature fiber plants worldwide which not just provides the highest quality materials, but also has one of the most extensive productranges available in the industry today. Together with our partners we are bringing these products to our customers worldwide.


High TemperatureSolutions

Vulcor High Temperature Solutions

Vulcor is supplying one of the most extensive high temperature fiber product ranges worldwide under our SoliWool brand.

The SoliWool brand stands for the most advanced fiber insulation products in the heavy industry targeting to provide solutions
from 900°C to 1600°C (1650°F to 2900°F). All our solutions result in a better thermal insulation, lower CO2 emissions, lower
gas consumption and safer casing temperatures. And this is thanks to the Ultra Low Shot (ULS) technology which the basis of
every fiber solution we are providing to the market.


It is as easy as 1-2-3…


The rise of RCF fibers

In the 1960s Refractory Ceramic Fiber products were commonly accepted in the market as alternative to other types of fiber for high temperature applications.

Generation 1

The first low bio persistence fibers

By 1989, so more than 30 years ago, the first low bio persistence fibers, or Alkaline Earth Silicate fibers were introduced to the market. All these products, both the RCF and LBP fibers, were manufactured in Generation I technology.

Generation 2

Low Shot Blankets

In 2006 the first large manufacturer introduced a ‘low shot’ or Generation II fiber product. This product was offering better handling and thermal insulating properties, compared to the inferior Generation I fiber products which EVEN TODAY are offered in the market.

Generation 3

ULS technology is born

And today, more than 30 years after the introduction of the Generation I low bio persistence fibers, we launch our Generation III, Ultra Low Shot technology, products. Our products are offering the best thermal insulation, highest strength and superior handling The ULS technology is not limited to Low Bio persistence fiber only, but also implemented in our our Refractory Ceramic Fiber products. As you can see from this timeline, this is the biggest leap forward in fiber manufacturing in the last 15 years.