Vulcor is offering a wide range of fiber modules including; veneering, stack, folded and monolithic fiber modules. The crown jewel of our fiber module range is our monolithic fiber module, the SoliBloc. Fiber modules are a favorite lining choice for high temperature furnaces. Modules are lightweight, offer high thermal performance, are quick to install, are resistant to thermal shock, have a low heat storage and are a good economical choice.


Our SoliBloc ‘monolithic’ fiber modules are manufactured out of 2 pieces SoliSlab which  are joined by 2 tubes and a supporting yoke/ anchoring system. The supporting SoliSlab is manufactured on a large spinning wheel which is constantly needled to create a dense and uniform fiber structure with maximized interlocking of the fiber. For that reason the resistence to high gas velocities of the final SoliBloc module is  highest among all module systems.


The most well known concept in the fiber module range are stacked and folded fiber modules. Made from compressed blanket strips, maintained in position with straps. And after installation, using the internal mechnical fixing system the straps can be removed allowing the fiber modules to expand, and as such close small gaps and form a homogeneous fiber lining.

Where in other product groups we proudly developed unique compositions and products, the advantage of the SoliWool based fiber modules sits more in the details; higher strength, better resiliency after compression, can withstand high gas velocities and offer better thermal insulation at given thickness. Common feedback is that our 160 kg/m3 (10 PCF) fiber modules ‘feel’ like a 192 kg/m3 (12 PCF) module, and we are keen to keep that kind of feedback as our standard.

Anchoring systems

All offered anchoring systems are unique, but in basic can be divided in 2 groups.

  • Center fix modules
  • Side mounted modules

Center fix modules offer the opportunity to install in ‘chess board’ or ’parket’ pattern. Side mounted
modules need to be installed in ’soldier rowed’ pattern with batten strips of blanket between the module rows.