SoliBlanket ULS-Grade

Vulcor is proud to present you the pinnacle of our 3 fiber blanket ranges were the Generation III spinning technology is delivering the full potential of the product; the SoliBlanket ULS-grade. The SoliBlanket ULS-grade is the first Generation III manufactured, Ultra Low Shot, low bio persistence (LBP) high temperature insulating fiber blanket worldwide. This Generation III, Ultra Low Shot technology is the result of extensive research, implementation of our knowhow and the latest manufacturing technology. Ultra Low Shot technology is at the cutting edge of fiber production, achieving the highest possible thermal insulation value and handling strength.


SoliBlanket ULS-grade is our standard low bio persistence (LBP) fiber blanket in the SoliBlanket product range. The SoliBlanket ULS-grade has a classification temperature of 1200°C and is engineered to perform continuously in a wide range of applications up till 1050°C.

Our Generation III, ULS technology, is resulting in less shot and a higher fiberindex which results in a better blanket product. The Soliblanket ULS-grade is stronger, feels more comfortable to handle and provides better thermal insulation. During installation our ULS technology fiber products offers a higher resiliency after compression, which is particularly important when making fiber modules or in case the blanket (strip) is installed perpendicular to the main fiber orientation, or in easier words; stack(bonded).

All products in the SoliWool ULS fibers product range, like the SoliBlanket ULS, meet the requirements specified under NOTE Q of European Regulation 1272/2008. All SoliBlanket ULS fiber products are therefore exonerated from labelling requirements in Europe. Vulcor is REACH compliant and has completed Fraunhofer certification for the SoliBlanket ULS product range.

SoliBlanket ULS-grade is part of the SoliBlanket product range.The full SoliBlanket product range consists of five grades of Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and one grade in Low Bio Persistence (LBP) fiber blanket.