SoliBoard PCW INO-Grade

SoliBoard™ PCW INO-Grade

SoliBoard PCW INO-grade, with a classification temperature of 1600°C, is the top end of our SoliBoard product range. We manufacture our SoliBoard PCW INO from a mixture of poly crystalline fibers and a small percentage of our own developed and heat treated SoliWool HA fiber. The result of our development is a product which is showing less than 1% shrinkage, even if tested for 24 hours at 1600°C.

As the SoliBoard PCW INO-grade is manufactured using special inorganic fillers there is hardly any fumes or loss of strength at first firing. It also means that at first firing there is nearly any loss of ‘green strength’ which is important in vacuum furnaces like in the semi conductor market. SoliBoard PCW INO-grade is very resistant to a wide range of polutions which make this an extremely durable and high performing board in a wide range of demanding refractory applications.


Vulcor is proud to introduce you our SoliBoard product range, which is manufactured on our state-of-the-art production line, the result of years of combined production knowledge and engineering excellence. It might sound strange to start a product page with an explanation on the manufacturing process, but as this has been a line of break throughs, it also explains why this product is so much different than the competition offering.

SoliBoard is manufactured on our continuous board line which has a total length of approximately 300 meter and a production width of 1200 mm. This line was set up in 2019, and is not only fully PLC controlled, but also equipped with robots to minimize manual labor. Our board line is equipped with the latest drying techniques, and is enabling double side surface treatment. This allows us to not only secure the highest quality, but also allows us to be competitive at high output.

Next to that we utilize a highly efficient drying technique which does not only reduced our energy consumption with 50 % compared to conventional forced air drying, but also allows us to manufacture uniform, lightweight, low shot and stable board up to a thickness of 100 mm at high consistency, quality and performance. In a world where reducing energy consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions is part of sustainable environmental drivers, it is good to realise that we have already taken the first step.

In the SoliBoard product range, SoliBoard PCW INO-grade is offering solutions to the most demanding refractory installations. SoliBoard PCW INO-grade is based on a mixture of poly crystalline fibers and a small percentage of our own developed and heat treated SoliWool HA fiber and performs in furnaces operating at temperatures till 1500°C continuously. We tested our product at one of the top refractory laboraty in Germany and the sample only less than 0.8 % shrinkage when exposed for 24 h @ 1600°C.

Vulcor is offering one of the most extensive product ranges in high temperature board products. We offer a complete series of standard boards, a high strength series which is both offering higher green strength as better strengh after first firing, and a special series which are manufactured from mixed fiber chemistries (typically using very high temperature resistant PCW fibers) for the most demanding applications.




  • Excellent insulation performance
  • High handling strength
  • Resistant to erosion from high gas velocities
  • Low shrinkage up to classification temperature
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Resistant to a wide range of pollutants
  • Resistant to thermal shock

Typical applications

  • Thermal insulation for furnace linings
  • Chemical resistant lining in furnaces operating in
    reducing atmospheres
  • Lining combustion chamber for gas fired boilers and heaters
  • General technical insulation of furnaces and
    technical installations


Boards from high temperature Poly Crystalline Wool (PCW) and Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) wool and selected







Temperature range

SoliBoard PCW INO-grade has a classification temperature of 1600°C and advised for maximum continuous use at 1500°C.

The maximum continuous use temperature provided on the website is a guideline and only applicable in a clean oxidizing atmosphere.


Product range

SoliBoard is part of an extensive product range supplied by Vulcor Insulation. Vulcor Insulation is supplying insulation solutions from cryogenic to high temperature applications. All products offered by Vulcor are manufactured in house or sourced from exclusive trusted third party partners.

Technical support

Vulcor Insulation provides specifiers and customers with guidance on all aspects of the materials selection for their application, the installation and compliance with relevant regulations and performance standards.

For additional information about product performance, or to identify the recommended product for your application, please contact the team at Vulcor Insulation. 


SoliBoard PCW INO-grade is manufactured in a density of 450 kg/m3 and in a standard thickness range from 10 till 50 mm.

As SoliBoard PCW INO-grade is an exclusive product, we have selected a standard dimensions of  1000×600 mm. SoliBoard is supplied in full telescopic carton boxes of approximately 120mm high (based on the thickness of the board). To avoid damages to products, SoliBoard PCW INO-grade, compared to other types of SoliBoard, is stacked less high to ease unpacking. Please refer to the list below for packaging details, other sizes are available on request.