SoliBlanket CR-Grade

SoliBlanket CR-grade provides the highest classification and continuous use temperature of all melt/spun fibers using Chromium Oxide and  further microcrystalline processing during production. With a classification temperature of 1480°C it is recommended for continuous use up till 1350°C. It is unaffected by most chemicals and can be used in the most severe operating condition.


If there is one word to decribe our SoliBlanket CR-grade, the word would be; tough. Where a typical RCF-Zr is at 2-3% shrinkage at 1300 C, the Soliblanket CR-grade is just over 1%… And next to the incredibly low shrinkage it also shows extreme durability in poluting atmospheres. It might not be the smoothest fiber, neither is it the best thermal insulating, but SoliBlanket CR-grade goes on were other fibers stop.

SoliBlanket CR-grade is our one of our special grade refractory ceramic fiber blankets in the SoliBlanket product range. The SoliBlanket CR-grade has a classification temperature of 1480°C and is engineered to perform in a wide range of applications up till 1350°C continiously.

Compared to other versions of a Chrome-blanket the Soliblanket CR-grade is stronger, feels more comfortable to handle and provides better thermal insulation. Even when we are manufacturing a very special grade refractory ceramic fiber, like the SoliBlanket CR-grade, the benefit of the ULS technology is proven again.

SoliBlanket CR-grade is part of the SoliBlanket product range. The full SoliBlanket product range consists of five grades of Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and one grade in Low Bio Persistence (LBP) fiber blanket.

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