SoliBulk ZR-Grade

The refractory ceramic fiber paper range is based on the SoliPaper HP-grade which is manufactured from our high purity Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and special selected fillers. We have developed an optimized production process to manufacture uniform, lightweight, low shot and flexible paper-like products. The SoliBulk HP-fiber which is the main component of the SoliPaper HP is based on the Ultra Low Shot technology which is at the cutting edge of fiber production, achieving the highest possible thermal insulation value and handling strength.

SoliPaper HP-grade is our standard refractory ceramic fiber (RCF) paper in the SoliPaper product range. The SoliPaper HP-grade has a classification temperature of 1260°C and is engineered to perform continuously in a wide range of applications up till 1100°C.

ULS stands for Ultra Low Shot technology and SoliPaper HP-grade is manufactured from true Generation III ultra clean and fine SoliWool fiber. As a result the SoliPaper HP-grade has a very smooth surface, close dimension tolerances, exceptionally low dust, high handling strength, better thermal insulating performance and retains its flexibility after compression.

SoliPaper HP-grade is very flexible, but offers a high tensile strength thanks to the high fiber index. It is particulary suited to all applications requiring further processing (laminated composites, die-cutting, rolling, folding).

SoliPaper HP-grade is part of the SoliPaper product range. The full SoliPaper product range consists of two grades of RCF Paper, one grade in low bio persistence fiber (AES) and the SoliPaper PCW manufactured from Poly Crystalline fiber (PCW).



  • High fibre index
  • Low shot technology
  • Excellent insulation performance
  • High handling strength
  • Close dimensional tolerance
  • Smooth surface and low dust
  • Easy die-cutting for high temperature gaskets
  • Excellent thermal stability

Typical applications

  • Filler for expansion joints between pre-casted shapes and IFB linings
  • Gasket for domestic appliances
  • Thermal insulation in automotive heat shields
  • Non-ferrous molten metal handling
  • General technical insulation of furnaces and technical installations

Product range

SoliBulk is part of an extensive product range supplied by Vulcor Insulation. Vulcor Insulation is supplying insulation solutions from cryogenic to high temperature applications. All products offered by Vulcor are manufactured in house or sourced from exclusive trusted third party partners.

Technical support

Vulcor Insulation provides specifiers and customers with guidance on all aspects of the materials selection for their application, the installation and compliance with relevant regulations and performance standards.

For additional information about product performance, or to identify the recommended product for your application, please contact the team at Vulcor Insulation.


Paper from Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) high temperature insulation fiber.

Temperature range

SoliPaper HP-grade has a classification temperature of 1260°C.

The maximum continuous use temperature provided on the website is a guideline and only applicable in a clean oxidizing atmosphere.


All SoliPaper products are available in a wide range of dimensions and thicknesses. All products have been developed to meet requirements specific to the final application.

SoliPaper HP-grade is availabe in two main dimensions:

Standard rolls – are ideal for use in industrial furnaces, like expansion joints for insulating firebricks or castable linings.

Jumbo size rolls – are ideal for large quantity die-cut gaskets which can be used in the automotive –and domestic appliances industry, minimizing cutting waste.

SoliPaper HP is standard supplied in carton boxes but can also be supplied on individually palletized jumbo rolls. All our paper are packed on a heat treated export pallet. Standard rolls are packed with 42 rolls per pallet. Please refer to the list below for dimensions of the standard rolls.

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